About me

A spiritual activist, spiritprenuer, change maker with an academic background from the mainstream who has been divinely guided  to bringing about a Radical Shift in humanity / society at large ~

Anita Mulchandani, C.A, C.P.A (U.S.A)  

IMG_20140306_114435Professionally I have had career spanning 17+ years in a wide range of industries as a CA & CPA (USA). On a personal level I practice Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Pranic healing and Crystal healing. During the course of my spiritual journey I have connected with various healers, psychics and astrologers in India & across the globe whose wisdom I wish to bring to India

My journey:

My life was on auto-pilot (like most…school, college, career) until 8 years ago when a life changing event occurred which had me searching for answers about human existence. Which I found in spiritual teachings via books, spiritual teachers / healers, people, in the serenity of nature, different healing modalities, spiritual groups, music, swimming, yoga, in travel, etc…Which brought me to the question why were we not taught all this in school or by our elders it would have made life and its challenges easier to handle. Which then divinely lead to spreading these teachings via  retreats

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